The Josephine S. Gumbiner Foundation preserves its founder’s spirit of community involvement and service through charitable giving.
Established by Josephine Gumbiner in 1989, the foundation is dedicated to enriching the lives of women and children in the Long Beach area of Southern California. This includes supporting organizations providing daycare, job training, temporary and transitional housing, afterschool tutoring and mentoring, and health care, with a special emphasis on intervention, prevention and direct service. Projects funded by the foundation in the past have ranged from childcare scholarships to women’s shelters to intervention programs for at-risk youth and participatory cultural programs for children and teens. Types of funding include program-specific and general operating support. See the Grants Awarded link on this page.
Application for grants are welcome from all 501(c)(3) organizations involved in programs that meet the foundation’s goal of protecting and enriching the lives of women and children in Long Beach, California. The foundation does not make grants to individuals, political campaigns, lobbying efforts, programs that supplant traditional schooling, pass through organizations, organizations with endowments greater than five million dollars, or organizations with Long Beach client bases of less than 75 percent. Any organization that discriminates on the basis of race, creed, sexual orientation, religious affiliation or national origin will not be considered for funding.