Application Package


Application Package – Step Two

Applicants first must completed Step I, the letter of intent (LOI) questionnaire.

If your organization has received notification that it is eligible to submit a complete grant application package (Step II), you will receive an email with the grant application form and a summary of additional information necessary to qualify. A complete grant application package must contain the following:

  1. Grant Application (ORIGINAL + 6 COPIES)

Use only the Grant Application form received via email with Step II notification.

  1. Grant Proposal – Two Page Narrative (ORIGINAL + 6 COPIES)
  2. Mission and history of organization
  3. Need or problem statement
  4. Current programs and accomplishments
  5. Description of program for which you seek funding
  6. If your request is for a specific project, please explain the project including: primary purpose and the need or problem that you are seeking to address.
  7. If applying for general operating support, briefly describe how this will be used.
  8. Strategies that you will employ to implement your project.
  9. One-Page Project Budget – (ORIGINAL + 6 COPIES)

Text Box:

This amount should be the same as the amount listed on the fill-in the blank grant application and the same as the amount on the letter of intent. Please list the foundations, corporations, fundraisers and other sources that you have already or plan to solicit for funding, including dates and, to the best of your knowledge, the status of your proposal with each.

  1. Financial Information – (ORIGINAL ONLY)
  2. Operating Budgets – Your operating budgets for the current and most recent fiscal or calendar year.
  3. Revenue – A list of foundation and corporate supporters and other sources of income, with amounts, for your current and most recent fiscal year.
  4. Financial Statements – A copy of your most recent Form 990 as well as your most recent financial statements. Audited financials are not required. These financial statements should reflect actual expenditures and funds received during your most recent fiscal year.
  5. Other Supporting Materials – (ORIGINAL ONLY)
  6. List of anticipated outcomes and measurable objectives.
  7. One-paragraph resumes of key staff.
  8. List of your board of directors.
  9. List of your volunteers
  10. A copy of your most recent IRS letter indicating your nonprofit status.

Additional information may be requested by the foundation, after receipt of the letter of intent request, application or proposal letter. The foundation’s executive director, Julie Meenan, may also schedule interviews and site visits.