Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I start the grant application process?

View the Introduction section of this website and if your organization qualifies, request a Letter of Intent via email from

  1.  When are your application deadlines?

The Board meets four (4) times each year, generally in March, June, September and November. Letters of Intent are reviewed on an on-going basis in order to create a docket of 10 to 20 grant applications for each meeting. Deadlines are created and modified depending on the number of requests in the queue.

  1. If we are invited to submit a full grant application, and are awarded a grant, how long before we will receive the funds?

Notification regarding Step II will be within 90 days. The full grant application will take six weeks to submit and be processed before review by the JSGF board of directors. A grant agreement will be mailed to each successful grantee spelling out the requirements of both sides; this needs to be signed by the CEO/President/Executive Director of the grantee organization and returned to the JSGF. Once returned, the check will be mailed within 30 days.

  1. Our organization is located outside of Long Beach, CA – do we qualify?

If more than 75% of the client population for the program for which you are requesting funding resides in Long Beach, that program may qualify. Contact to discuss.

  1. How much should we request?

$15,000 is the average grant amount for previous grantees. New grantees should visit the Grants Awarded section of this site and locate an organization that offers a similar program to determine what is a reasonable grant request.

  1. Do you fund general operation support?


  1. Do you allow administrative overhead to be included in the request for program specific funding?

Yes, in fact we encourage it. However, administrative overhead should not exceed 15%.

  1. Will you fund bricks and mortar or capital campaigns?

No, but we will fund specific types of equipment, i.e. washers/dryers, refrigerators, new cabinets, play equipment, etc.

  1. We offer a faith based program and your Introduction sections states that you will not fund organizations that “….discriminate on the basis of …religious affiliation…”. Should we request the LOI?

Only if your organization is open to all and does not require any type of religious activities on the part of those seeking your services.

  1. Should I mail or hand deliver my grant application?

Either method of delivery is fine. Mailed proposals will be considered received the day they were postmarked and proposals hand delivered will be dated that day. Proposals are reviewed in the order received, regardless of delivery method.

  1. How do I hand deliver my proposal?

We are located on the NE corner of Broadway and Chestnut Avenue, across from the Civic Center parking structure. Park on Broadway at a meter or use the attached parking lot (just north of the building). Enter the parking lot off of Chestnut Avenue; the wooden guard arm will automatically rise when you approach. Park in any visitor spot. We are on the third floor, unit 302, co-located with Blair Commercial Real Estate. Exit the parking lot by entering the code “2244*/two-two-four-four-star” to open the wooden guard arm.

12, Will the JSGF purchase a table at our fundraising event?

The foundation generally declines requests to participate in fundraising events as we are invited to over 200 such events each year.

  1. May we honor the JSGF at our annual dinner?

All foundations are in the business of making grants; for this reason, we prefer not to be singled out or honored. We encourage organizations to honor individuals and small businesses that have provided support directly or through volunteerism. However, acknowledgement of funding, in literature, is appropriate.

  1. We are a current grantee and have a status report due; what information should we include?

The two page narrative status report should be tied to the original outcomes and objectives as stated in the original grant application. The third page – a financial accounting of how the funds were invested – must be signed by your bookkeeper or board treasurer.

  1. May we get an extension of time to submit our final status report?

Yes, e-mail with your request and a new deadline date.

  1. We offer a summer camp in Long Beach, do you fund camp scholarships?

Yes, we make decisions on funding summer camps in March of each year, drawing on a designated fund of $20,000. E-mail to request the application in January.

  1. Will you consider funding to an organization that uses a fiscal receiver?


  1. We are just getting started and need assistance in getting started and raising funds for our organization, can you help us?

Visit the Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, which offers trainings, workshops and consultants to community based organizations. Obtain more information at: or 562-290-0018.

  1. My question is not listed here, what should I do?

Call the office 562-437-2882 to speak with Executive Director Julie Meenan, or send an email to .