Grants Awarded December 11, 2015

Boy Scouts of LB ScoutReach $10,000
Boys & Girls Clubs General Operating Support $15,000
LB City College Homeless Assistance for Females $10,000
Century Villages Afterschool care/ affordable housing $12,000
WINTER Green Careers for Women $20,000
WomenShelter General Operating Support $15,000
Harbor Interfaith Services General Operating Support $20,000
U.S. Vets Women and Children’s Housing Program $30,000
Operation Jumpstart H.S. Mentoring Program $25,000
Families Uniting Families Project Fatherhood Support Group $25,000
Helpline Youth Counseling LB Gang Intervention Program $15,000
LB Nonprofit Partnership Membership Support $10,000
Total Amount Awarded $207,000