Step One - Letter of Intent (LOI)

Initial Prescreening Questions and Letter of Intent

The first step in applying for funding from the JSGF is to respond to the following four prescreening questions:

        1. Will your program serve to enrich the lives of women and children in the Long Beach area?

2. Would at least 75% of the Long Beach program participants come from, or would state       that they reside in Long Beach?

         3. Is your program open to all faiths?

4. Is participation in any and all of the offered religious activities clearly optional? 

LOI Instructions:

If you answered yes to each of the four questions, Please complete and SUbmit this LOI FORM. After downloading the form as a pdf to your computer, fill it out, save it, and submit to

The Letter of Intent form will request the following information:

1. The mission, focus, and audience of the agency requesting funding;

2. The purpose of the project for which funding is requested;

3. The number or people this project will serve;

4. The percent of people served from Long Beach;

5. The primary methods to be used in conducting the project or program; and

6. The project’s time frame and budget.

All LOIs submitted via email to will be reviewed and responded to within 90 days. If the JSGF Board of Directors is interested in reviewing a complete grant application package, you will receive an e-mail containing all of the application requirements and documents. Completed application packages received by the stated due date will be reviewed by the full board of directors within six (6) months.

Organizations seeking additional information should contact the Foundation at 562-437-2882 or email